Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chapter 5 - Man's best friend

I dedicate this chapter to Kopi.

A dog is indeed man's best friend.
He might not be everything to me,
But I am everything to him,
His world revolves around me.
I promise to find him a home,
seven months and counting.
I failed in doing so.
I gave him the best I could,
making him most comfortable,
giving him the best food,
giving him the funniest toys,
walking him every night,
talk and training him.

From a jumpy little one,
to now a strong boy.
From peeing in every corner of my house,
to making shit stains on my pants and shirts,
to giving me scratch marks all over me,
to chewing off my shoes,
I never once blame you.

When you're gone,
I can only hold on to memories.
Memories edged in my heart,
shall always stay,
not till the day we part,
but for eternity.

If I could get another chance,
I'd steal one final glance,
one final hug,
one final pat,
and tell you how much I love you.

I can't apologise,
cos' I ain't gonna do it,
nor I knew how to.
Every night I fall asleep,
I know you'd be sleeping outside.
When I dream of you,
I know you'd be on the same dream,
this is all I'd ever dream.
I'd never dream you'd be gone from me.
I'll never be able to turn back time.

You'll be missed.
How I wish you could read this.
- "I love you."


I came back for you.
Now I'm going to hate going back with a heavier heart.
All this shall be left behind,
and a new beginning begins.
Keep me company in my dreams, will you?

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