Wednesday, November 18, 2009


People come and go. We keep making friends and too, in the same instance, losing them. For some, we'll never have another chance to talk again. When reality hits us hard, the hardest is to accept.


Truth. We all know it's the truth. But then we again, we still constantly question ourselves every now and then. Time doesn't allow us to turn back. Every second as I'm writing, as I spoke and as I listened, is gone without a trace.


To my dear friend who worked and fought hard to chase his dream, deepest condolences to your parents and immediate family.
9 years since I knew you as a boy,
the fun and laughter we had together.
remember the times we met in Perth when you were here for your training,
then was the last time we ever had a warm handshake,
and asking a simple "how are you doing?"
A simple smile, knowing your good old friend is doing good.

you may have moved on,
but the memories will last an entire lifetime.
I'll pray for you.
Goodbye my friend.

Rest in peace.


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