Saturday, January 09, 2010

Chapter 7 - The battle against yourself

And so we have half of the summer gone already. Yup, survived with just a little bit of burnt skin and toasted face. When December first came I dreaded the holidays because it seemed too long and hot over here for me to take it all. Especially when everyone heads back home one by one; been to the airport at least nine times in the month of December alone.

"See you next february! Have a joyous x'mas, new year and chinese new year. Remember to come back!" - classic sentence outside the airport departure hall.


That's Lucifer the mouse. Been with me since a friend of mine went back home. He loves nibbling on the spoon, he loves yoghurt, eating lotsa veggie and he gets high on beer. Imagine chasing him around the house after he gets high on alcohol. Once bitten, twice shy. "No more beer for you, lucifer!"


Alfred. Nicholas. me - Monkey Mia; 19 Dec '09

Alfred and Nicholas came over for a tour around Aussie! Went north to Monkey Mia, and I'm proud to say I'm a finisher of 878 km on road; 10.5 hours drive! - Impossible is nothing. Yes, and so they are supposed to leave on the 21st night, but we spent a tad bit too much time at the casino and missed the flight to Brisbane. Tensed situation but this is what made things better - "When things go wrong, a smile is a curve that set things straight." One of the most valuable lessons I've learnt since coming over.

~ 22 Dec '09 - 7 Jan '10 ~

/King's Park on x'mas day/

/Caversham Wildlife Park/

/Animal Show; shearing sheep and cow milking!/

/Magaret River Chocolate Factory/

Fremantle Port

/Rottnest Island/

/Train Ride/


/Northbridge; Hawker's Cuisine/

/my room; new table from Ikea!/

/Burswood; (A)lure Restaurant buffet lunch/

/Murdoch University/

/Murdoch University's lawn/

- 7 Jan '09; you guys will be missed.

A really BIG BIG thank you to everyone who made the summer break enjoyable, despite the scorching heat, yes 38 degrees isn't a joke! As I said, Perth is a wonderful place, you guys just made it even better. Your impact on my life is immense; though the days may be already gone, we never forget the meals we cooked together, the barbeque we came up with and the endless jokes. Yes, memories is what we created, and they will last for an entire lifetime.

Good luck guys. Stay healthy and safe. See you soon!

life will never be the same without you.

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Wilson said...

Hey CK!
I'd love to see Juli's reaction if she ever found out that you've been dosing alcoholic substance to her mouse XD
Hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays, and try survive the summer heat!