Friday, March 26, 2010

Chapter 8 - The little things we keep close to our hearts

Find the little things and keep them close to your heart.

"Moments stand still.
Days crawl by.
Time flies."

With that I'm heading into the the 7th week of the semester already. It certainly has been crazy and hectic, and now I really think sleep is a waste of time. (yes it repairs the body! and for the matter of fact, we don't rest our brains when we sleep, our brains never shut down, but rather, we repair the broken tissues and muscles from a day's walking and trauma. our hormones comes into our circadian cycle and makes us sleepy!) Time really flies when we're smacked with deadlines. I guessed it's only human nature to always look forward to every single deadline and work towards it, assuming we'll lighten the load off our shoulders and feel happier, not knowing that doesn't really happen. Or I would say, that 'happiness' is just a temporary derivation. Soon we're faced with new deadlines and no one exactly looks back at that 'happiness' anymore. True enough?

Being in the vet school tells me no matter how much we love animals, we absolutely hate them when we struggle to pass our exams. Though I have sever quite a fair bit of emotional ties with animals, I haven't got over my passion for the good of our buddies in the wild facing extinction.

Being where I am now, also tells me everyone studies veterinary science for a different reason, though we still end up prescribing medication over the consultation table some day. Some thought it was a something interesting, some just want to do related administrative work, some wants to be a vet down at the farm, some just wants a stable job in the town clinic and for others, they didn't know what they want to do.

Competition drives one to greater heights, and it could be a suicidal weapon too.

At the end of the day, we would still want to see each and every one of us graduate together and then we explore our own career paths. It just irks me to see people who are so competitive and keeping everything to himself, despite knowing the fact we're all in this together. I appreciate competition but being over-competitive and overlooking what's in front of you, isn't how it is supposed to be. Maybe some people are meant to be like that, which isn't a bad thing after all. Because with them in our lives, we are able to think and further our thoughts, which makes us richer; emotionally.

Think about:
1. The last 3 Nobel Prize winners
2. The last 3 Miss World Universe
3. Top 3 world's wealthiest people

Now think about:
1. 3 teachers who have an impact on and contributed to your education
2. 3 friends who helped you in times of need
3. few people who made you feel special and would like to spend time with

The second one seemed much more easier to answer. The people who mean something to you in your life, are not the ones with the most money, are not rated at the top of the list or the best. They are the ones who care for you, who loves you, who will stand by you no matter what, and lend you a listening ear in times of need.

Give it a thought.

I want to quote this from an email my mom sent:

At the Seattle Olympics some time ago, nine athletes who were either mentally or physically challenged, stood at the starting line. As the gun fired, they raced in threes. Then one boy tripped and fell, after which he started crying. The other eight athletes slowed down, stopped and turned back to look.

Then a girl with Down's syndrome went over and sat beside him, gave him a hug and asked "feeling better now?" All eight athletes went back, and walked shoulder to shoulder with him together to the finishing line.

Everyone in the stadium applauded, and the applause went on for a very long time.

People still talk about this, but why?

Because deep down in all of us, we know that the most important thing in life is much more than winning for ourselves. It is about helping others to win, even if it means slowing down ourselves.

- "A candle loses nothing even if it's used to light another one."

I guessed there will always be people in our lives who are constantly wanting to win for themselves. To me, it's a loss to them, to overlook what's far more important in front of their eyes. For the rest, we try to help them realize that winning isn't everything, but there's only that much anyone can do.

Let us all find the little things, and keep them close to our hearts.

I reckon I'll leave it here. cheers.

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