Thursday, March 03, 2011

Chapter 11.1 - Homesick

Disorientated - This is how I would describe my current state of mind. It's the end of the third week of the semester already and I haven't been able to untangle myself.

A friend of mine asked how do I deal with stress and I said I find time for myself and get things organized around me. I added sometimes I deal with it in a rather drastic manner, to the extent of pulling away from my social life so I can process thoughts clearer.

I write. In writing I find tranquility, which then allows me to see many things from another perspective all together.

Recently a word came into my life. Homesick.

How would you define homesick? To me, it is knowing you don't have that familiar someone whom you can return home to, nap on the couch and will wake you up when dinner is ready. Homesick is when you have to think of what's in the refrigerator so you can prepare dinner, as well as the next day's lunch. - Buying groceries can be quite a pain especially when you're not longsighted (means buying enough and correct ingredients to plan for the week's meals).

I admit, I hate this.

Is this what growing up comprises of? If not, then what would it be?

To me, this isn't a choice.

There's no end to stress, but let me know that the day will end eventually. & therefore no matter how stressful the day might be, let me wake up the next morning knowing I've pulled through a tough yesterday.


Hannah M. said...

just a week until spring break so you can go to your parents house and recharge! Stay Strong!

Lathavijayakumar said...

your blog is so nice

Ann said...
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Ann said...

You have à nice blog

Anonymous said...

I like this blog due to the fact that i can relate (been there done it)just keep strong think about he benefit in the end :)