Sunday, May 01, 2011

Chapter 11.6 - Cows and the study break

It was my study break week and I've spent it at Cowaramup's cattle feedlot. 3 hours drive South of Perth and 7 days have allowed me to witness and experience tonnes of lessons and reflections which would have been unattainable otherwise. Time and experience is all we need, to make us better professionals.

Semini's Wagyu Cattle Feedlot

Spent the weekend (including a beautiful Sunday today) doing everything else but school work. It was refreshing, to be able to watch TV and not worry about any other things, take some time to make good decent meals and of course cleaning up my car after a week at the farm is always most rational. I didn't have to rush through any of my daily routines and I spent free times reading or sitting down in front of the laptop playing my favourite soccer game.

To be exact, I didn't have to know time, there wasn't anything lined up on the day's agenda.

As the sun sets and the night turns chilly, it was always nice to have good music and videos playing in my room.

The aurora time-lapse movie by Terje Sorgjerd was the highlight of my short but quality weekend.

take it easy, boy.


paul said...

love the aurora video

Marla said...

Its really nice when we have time to work but time to ourselves, isnt it? Time to listen music but also the silence, time to appreciate nature around us...I liked the text!