Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chapter 13 - Forgive & let live. Everyday is a gift.

This hangs in my room. It serves as a very good reminder for me everyday, which makes my quality of life better, and a much happier person. Occasionally, certain events that happen pisses us off, it turns our day upside down and at that very moment, we feel really fired up.

But hey, once I'm back in my room, and something like that in front of me, just makes me wonder how valuable/worthless this moment of hatred, anger or disappointment is. Living on this very surface of the world and faced with the passing of many great ones, or perhaps even those around you, serves as a constant reminder that everyday, is indeed a gift.

As true as it may sound, there's no hatred nor anger when facing death. There's only love.


As I approach the end of yet another semester, I just want to quickly sum up some of the significant events during the past months!

June '11

- Spent 2 weeks at a dairy farm, 900 cow herd, calving season in June/July. Unforgettable experience for me, lots of hands on can't possibly learn any more than that. Did my first calving on the 12 June by myself. Incredible, to see life delivered through my hands.

Calf which I had to bottle feed everyday. Not to mention calves' poor suckling ability compared to lambs, which are easily 10X faster.

July '11

- Had a wonderful month of little holiday in WA with Jeri. We tried and tested many recipes, to our delight. Food makes the world go round! Finally visited Albany which is absolutely amazing. (especially salt and pepper squid from the Squid Shack.) Unforgettable.

Us at Albany wind farm!

August '11

Start of the semester, and at the end of August.. it's my birthday!

Surprise birthday party in my own house! (notice the shades of green...)

September '11

Dad, mom and bro came over for a short trip. It was certainly a good break from Singapore for my dad I hope, the slower pace of life here, not having to check and reply emails everyday. We played golf at Swan Valley, which was fantastic. The man needs a break, really.

Yahava Koffee works, Swan Valley, WA.

18 Sept '11 - Amy Gran Fondo (Lorne, Victoria)

On this very day, we completed the most gruelling race of our lives. 120km of extremely challenging terrains and possibly strong winds along Great Ocean Road was there for us to take. 7 hours 35 minutes was how long we took. Drained physically and mentally, we never felt better over the fact we made it.

Me, Ivan & Cheryl at the start. (we wouldn't be smiling at the end point)

October '11

- Perhaps the Perth Royal Show is the highlight here. George, our steer which (whom) we have been taking care of and breaking him in, time spent on grooming him, walking him (and getting episodes of random kicks and assault by him). He is due to be shown and auction off on 1 & 2 Oct at the royal show.

Ruth, Ailin, me, Mel & Nic. [Murdoch Cattle Show Team!]

20 Oct '11

Today I witnessed dolphins swimming and playing so close to the shore while cycling past Canning River towards the city. The dorsal fin caught my attention, before I stopped and stood there for the longest time, taking in the exhilarating and thrilling moment of watching dolphins play with waves. Nope, no pictures were taken. Those moments would have been wrecked by spending time trying to capture a still picture.

It brought me a smile instantly, knowing such beautiful creatures exist before my eyes.

23 Oct '11
Will be cycling for MS (multiple sclerosis) association this sunday! 50km should be a good distance to cover. To be updated soon!

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