Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What would you sacrifice?

5th year in the vet school, and here I am thinking to myself, that I'm really exhausted. I don't know what motivates me anymore. The career path isn't as bright as what many of you would think it is, earning big bucks, being 'god' with surgeon hands, being able to deal with a myriad of different species and constantly carrying that big and fat ego around wherever you go. To me, it is none of all I've mentioned, or any of those you would imagined. Of course, all that wouldn't really matter if you're born with a silver spoon.

At the end of the day, we are just a slave in the industry, just like most other trades. (Well unless you do not have to worry about having enough money to pay off debts and support yourself, you can either take it easier, or keep pursuing a higher level of qualification with peanuts funding) We work constantly to keep our clients happy, work so hard trying not to get your name up to the Vet. surgeon's board for a complaint, work hard to keep your boss happy, and work even harder to mark up our own knowledge and continuing education - all for a mediocre salary, comparable to that of the receptionist at the front desk. To be honest, besides having a Dr. in front of your name, and being able to prescribe medications, I don't see what else about the job entails.

Indeed, there is a lot of satisfaction you gain at the end of the day, which is not measurable in dollar terms. True to that. But for a miserable few thousand dollars a month? Let's not even think about spending unnecessary, or online shopping. That amount barely pays off the monthly utilities, expenses and food. That leaves you with little or no savings, right? So what do we do? We work longer hours, take on more shifts, day or overnight - whatever it takes to get that extra income, at the expense of our own mental health. Then one day we realize, what did we fight so hard for?

It's a real pity, we get ourselves so high up there with all that skills and knowledge, only for it to turn slavery to someone else. One slip from your game and you risk losing your license.

So my question is, I have already invested close to 1/3 of a million dollars into this degree, will I give it up for something else that makes me happy and will surely have a higher turnover income? Is money the main issue here? I would say yes. I truly applaud my colleagues for staying in the profession for so long - and of course if you didn't start off with a $300,000 debt, things may have worked in your favour.


Aparna Bose said...

The title of your blog says 'life is a beautiful journey' and believe me it is...but roads are roads...they will have potholes,speedbreakers,curves and bends and even dead ends.....but as the saying goes..there is light at the end of a tunnel!! which is so true...hard work will definitely pay, just do not lose faith in your abilities. all the very best for your future endeavours.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

True to your words, a profession is not all that glory, it's a menial job that will make you look like a slave, but it is what you view yourself as. Your actions and personalities will prove otherwise, in others' eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I'm an editor/proofreader/researcher in training. When I look at all the work I needed to do, it really looks like i'm a slave. I get tired of seeing all the words others wrote too. At the end of the day, it is good money management, investment and a mind full or perseverance that gets you through life. Study Smart, Work Smart, Fight Hard, Enjoy Harder.

Good Luck and Have Fun, fellow traveller. said...

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Pasha said...

I am sure you are extremely tired being in Vet school is no joke. I was aspiring to become a vet until I was bit in the face by a dog while working at the Vet and that kinda ended that dream. But I moved on and I am pursuing what makes me happy. Good luck with Vet school dont think about the money or the debt your in. Think about all the animals whose lives you will touch for the better as well as there owners. you might not be able to save them all but for the ones you do save they will be forever grateful.

Unknown said...

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simplewaysteph said...

Nice story... money is not everything matters in this world, its all about how you pay respect and care your clients and other people that surrounds you in your daily life... give them the respect and care you want to be treated yourself...then everything follows in return... you will see you'll be bless!!!
God bless...hope you find time read my blog also thank you!