Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Slack Day! =P

Wednesday! Also known as the CCA day in pjc, is a slack day for me! Why? Cos school ends at a freaking early time at 1.30pm! Students and teachers disappear for their respective CCAs, then we, the J1s, get to go home early (our cca haven't start yet)!

As mentioned, today was a relatively easy day for me, with only physics and maths! The other subjects' teacher went sick today after a session about introducing ourselves with us the day before, hahaha!

Then I took out my phone in the classroom, as expected, starhub's reception was so poor that except standing at the gate of pjc, I couldn't get any reception anywhere else! Then I began to move to every corner of my class, hoping to receive any reception from starhub, but only to find M1, and a malaysian network! lol !! What a joke! I went to select that malaysian network and tried to use it on my phone, and when I thought about the overseas bills I have to pay lest someone calls me or msg me, I rather switch to my "No Reception" mode, than the malaysian network! =) so guys out there using starhub, if there's no reception, don use the malaysian network, curse starhub instead. It's FOC and use whenever needed!

Well.. going to eat my dinner now. My ah ma is screaming at me again for still being so stubborn. T_T haha! lol.. okok!! omg! Here she goes again! see ya guys! :p

Do, or do not. There is no 'try'. - Yoda


Jing said...

y no tagboard de?...need to design ask mi ar..i wanna use de photoshop! soo fun~..haha cya ard~

Jing said...

oh ya...n starhub lan! M1 lan! singtel good!=Pp

Anonymous said...

haha everything lan! M1 IS THE BEST!! haha =P singtel pian qian one, and their phones so ex. M1 better! haha =P -shan=D