Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Tale of the Nor Hiong (Part II)

Here comes part II guys! lol.. that gay ass brought his nor hiong this morning, and as usual, he gave me another (more) cheeky smile. =') <-- kian's smile. "I won't drop the nor hiong this time!" assured kian. lol.. he squeeze his nor hiong out of his side pocket slowly and handed that long-waited nor hiong to me. I took it, smelt it, pressed it, and realised it was quite warm! lol.. another fruitful attempt by kian to warm the nor hiong up for me early in the morning. Again, I'm touched ( =p), waahaha..

I ate the "world's best, most tasty, most delicious, most appealing and fantastic" nor hiong kian's mom cook! Was quite tasty though, wahahaha.. nice la. Then I told kian about my ah ma also making the nor hiong some time ago last year.

Today we all pon school!! My class was supposed to end at 5 today, but due to Temasek poly open house, we pon school! haha! Xiang Ming, Kian and I accompanied hong qi, soon leng, lee hwee, xing yun and michelle to ten mile junction there to buy food for the BBQ tml evening in PJ.. They went to a big supermarket in ten mile junction called Sheng Siong, which they bought quite alot of stuff like chicken wings, marshmellows, crabsticks, chicken hotdogs.. then we decided to leave for lot 1 after spending some time at ten mile junction which was a pretty boring place with very few people...

We walked to a bus stop nearby and as usual, xm, kian and I walked behind, talking cock. The 5 of them walked in front as they hurried each other to walk faster, they forgot about us and then board the 175 bus without waiting for us! lol! saw that ass soon leng giving us a guilty and cheeky wave inside the moving bus though, wahaha.. then hq smsed kian to tell us to meet them at lot 1. what the.. so funny, they went up the bus without us, do kian and I seem so insignificant? lol!

well.. xm went home after seeing kian and I to the Petir LRT, and then we met hq they all in lot 1 NTUC. They bought more stuff then! lol.. so many things to carry, then kian and I helped those poor souls to carry. They went to michelle's house to pack all the stuff i guess, but I did not go since I had some other things to do.. kian planned to come my house after michelle's as her house is just a few hundred metres walk down the street from my block.

At around 4 plus, that gay came and then he greeted my ah ma with utmost respect ( o.O).. lol, so funny his face. wahahaha..he came in and to our surprise, my ah ma was also making nor hiong!! lol! I didn't realised it when I came home previously! kian was like so interested in the nor hiong and then my ah ma, being the most friendliest and having the best hospitality, treated kian with a tube of cute nor hiong. lol.. then kian munched them in my room happily away..

Then here comes the most critical moment, the most attention seeking stuff that ever occurred! my ah ma handed kian an Ang Bao. lol.. then kian complimented my ah ma saying she's very friendly? (did you say that kian?)

Then kian wore his creative thinking cap and drew in my physics lecture book! At first I thought he was only drawing using pencil, later he coloured his drawingS with coloured pens! Lol! what the.! but it was just something to liven up those boring wordy pages.. lol thx!

Kian kept persuading me to on my com but I refused, and after about 45 minutes of
##%@#^$, I gave in and on the com. lol.. we chatted online using my account and then played some gunbound which we both lost to a f-fing fellow for about 10 over matches consecutively!! we were so F-fed up lo.. lol, cos given our well trained skills, we couldn't have lost to such a noob fellow! So pissed.. lol (xm don leave comment saying it's becos you not playing then we lost)

oh ya! my pineapple tarts!! kian finished up my pineapple tarts!! (lol.. no la, left a few only, then he finished them, with some kind help from me) wahaha.. he left at 7pm after saying that my bed very comfortable to lie

And one more interestin thing to note!! I can see kian's house's living room from my room window! His house is like quite far yet I can see! Then we made a deal that we shall both wave once kian reaches his home. He smsed me to wave, and as I looked into his living room (which is very very small from my window), I see a red figure waving at me. Then I called kian and he told me he was wearing red! lol!.. this is fun! Then I waved back, he couldn't quite make out which one was me and then he told me to bend down a bit, which then he confirmed that he saw me! haha! so funny.. and I wonder what we looked like with both of us waving frantically at the windows!

I am going to wave again now, see ya guys!! =p

Fate knows where you are going, but it is up to you to drive there. - Michelle Keesling


Anonymous said...

this is coooool! fancy our window facing each other in such a far distance..haha..yet can detect each other's presence..haha!!! fun..=p
the pineapple tarts is tasty!

Kian =D

Anonymous said...

u noob ass.. i sent u all to bp station la.. btw.. i think u both lose realli due to the absence of the f**king bommer pro.. lolx.. i noe it is hard to admit but it is true yar.. hah.. try waving next time. i try to see it from my hse.. haha.. use my sasuke see thru eyes.. * the sharigan* ahah =p

ming ming