Monday, July 04, 2005

I love the market n-n case you may be wondering why I didn't blog for the past weeks, lol it's becos I wan you all to miss me :x hahaa...chee chee is that right, =p

I went to the market today, as in real market, the wet market, lol, ALONE. Cool, I was given money, and I was supposed to buy stuffs home so that my mom can cook. lol! Other housewives could be wondering, what's this boy doing alone in the wet market? hahaha.. alright, never mind about this, the point is, the last time I stepped into a wet market was like... 18 months ago?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you stepped into a wet market? haha! (good question)

After I bought the stuffs, I went to my mom's car, and of course having the car keys in my pocket. wahaha.. wanted to have the feeling of driving (car was parked in Basement 2, no cars around though, all had went to work at this hour! 10.30am) I wanted to. But I didn't, cos I didn't have a driving license, darn it. hahaha

Took my bro's stroller out of the car's boot and went upstairs, hahaha

I want to DRIVE, urgh goona take my highway code at the end of this year, that's what my dad told me to do so, lol. He said I could, but I have to check out LTA's updated rules first, =O

Have fun and see ya guys soon! =D

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Patricia said...

hah! dont worry, i'm sure u'll get ur license soon! ; ) meanwhile, donch drive. (cos i don wanna be alone.. =D)