Sunday, July 31, 2005

Phototaking day! wahaha! =D

Phototaking day! Some pics for ya guys! =) I admit, the guys in 05S01 are both crazy and gay! look!

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Lol! one of the nicest photos! Some "See-no-evil, hear-no-evil and speak-no-evil" doh..act cute! hahaha, all of us realli looked relax! cool eh? =D

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zhen hui acting cute again, wa kao! cant stand him.. look at the previous photo, look at him! oh my! well, for the rest = gay bois.

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formal photo, well, not too formal too huh! hahaha =P


Anonymous said...

lOlx! tad crossing leg 1 look damn gay sia..haha ur class so mani peeps leh, so ri nao =Pp

Patricia said...

haha.. mine oso very ri nao leh.. =P too bad dere's no shuai ge in the pic.. must look at mine. alot of chiobus! hahahaha!

Just get me the guitar said...

hey yoZ brO.. :D it's miiE!! hehe.. UR claSS pHotO iS hilARiouS man.. ooOps.. Haha.. neArly diDn saW uR faCE.. :P haAha.. u NV wriTE hoW maNY moRe dAyS to miiE birthDAy.. haha.. jk.. :D buaiX!