Saturday, July 21, 2007

Life goes on..

This morning I woke up, feeling really shagged from the field camp which ended last night. Reached home at 11.30pm..with half my eyes closed. Checked my email for a while and K.O at 12 midnight.

Checked my HP and it was 8.07am. The morning was pristine. But the noisy engines from buses and bikes wrecked it. Sat on my bed and thought to myself; hmm, it has been a month since i entered SISPEC. Haven't cut my hair since then, it's getting long! Next I questioned myself what am I supposed to do today. Feel like going out, perhaps to town to get some clothes or books, but couldn't find any company. *shrugs

I thought I'd better get some rest, cause I'm booking in tomorrow(sunday) morning! darn, super precious weekends. Watched bleach and some manga and then surfs around the net.


The clock in my laptop reads 8.27pm now. Gotta pack my stuff for tomorrow morning. Yet another week comes along... things will come and things will go... life goes on...



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