Saturday, July 28, 2007


Booked out last evening and went JP to have PIZZZZZA with 3 of my section dudes, formally all from cougar coy in BMT. lol..

Ordered 2 pizzas, including the new cheesy pizza, with a chunk of cheesy dip in the centre. Not too bad, very tasty. hahaha. yum yum. That chunk of cheesy dip is REAL CHEESY; LOTS n LOTS of cheese! oh my. *drools.

kk, we wiped out the food very quickly and chatted as we sat on the cushioned benches.

We parted as soon as we left pizza hut. Took 172 home after that.

Coming up next week: Grandslam tekong! back to tekong for final field camp in BSLC course... let's hope for cooling weather! no rain pls!!


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