Sunday, March 18, 2012

Every day is a gift.

I've decided I should do away with chapters since I update so infrequently nowadays. Just a quick update, I've finally managed to submit my AVA undergraduate scholarship yesterday, after much work, and stress really! The exhaustive application questions didn't help. On top of that, the website decided not to save all my typed data and erased all of them after I spent an hour and a half on it. It was frustrating at that point, but I figured I should quickly get back onto it instead of giving up or be angry at the non-responsive, emotionless computer screen.

I'm really uncertain about the results of the scholarship. I wonder if I've done my best in my preparation for the application. But one thing for sure, I've given all I could. At least, if I get it, my remaining 2.5 years is secured. In face with uncertainty, as terrified as I am, I will only take a step at a time. I pray for the best every night, before I sleep. I wake up in the morning, telling myself it'll be a great day ahead.

4 weeks into my 7th semester already. Great!

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