Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last year I took a personality test online, as part of the vet school's professional development thing, comprising 240 questions which I (or we) painstakingly took about an hour to complete. At the end of the test were traits, that ranked accordingly to how you've answered the questions. The questions were straightforward, often with only two options to choose from. It was very much like choosing an answer the moment you finish reading each question.

Optimism, far-sighted and loyalty were my top 3 traits. Not that I did not expect that, but all my friends who came across my list of traits told me that it is extremely true of me. I scanned through the list and reached the 24th trait, which is also the last trait - fun.

I thought about it, and somehow, it stayed in the back of my mind long enough, long enough to convince myself that this is never going to be forgotten; till today, exactly a year after. I realised play, fun, relax were all last in my priorities in my everyday life. I would rather read the news, or Googling something random to seek new knowledge. National geographic (online) is a great website for me, awesome pictures uploaded by top-notched photographers around the world, intriguing facts I would never knew if I had not do a quick scan of the website regularly. To me, that's how I take care of my soul. Although I would really want to travel the world like how many people at my age are doing right now, I know I just cannot afford it (yet). I hope that by accumulating little facts, knowledge about different parts of the world everyday, it'll further enrich me the day when I can finally step foot onto the country's soil. Instead of being totally green to a country and going wow at tourist attractions, I prefer historical sites, culture, the sand, the air, the water, the sun, and of course the people. The people tell us a whole lot of information about the place, and they are the reason why cultures still persist.

Click on any of the tabs - Video, Photography, Animals, Environment, Travel, Adventure.., and see magic in front of your eyes.

To me, the most blissful people around are the ones who are able to spend what they earn. For some, materialistic possessions, for others, experiences - spending on a holiday, buying that experience. No doubt very little can surpass that level of spending; bringing and placing yourself into that entity. For myself, I do respect people who travel to volunteer. It is a double-edge sword; firstly they make a difference to others, secondly they make a difference to themselves. For those out there volunteering, we know we give a hundred percent in our efforts, and expect nothing in return. But maybe just giving up a few hours or days of our own time for others, that moment can be life-changing. I guess we become less aware of life's little nitty gritties, instead we mature and become more willing to give.

Wouldn't that make the world a better place to live in?

Nevertheless, I would really appreciate a little bit of fun sometimes, still.

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