Saturday, January 22, 2005

Bad Hair Day

"Soccer tomorrow at 8? sure!" I exclaimed over the phone the night before. I am going to meet up with some old buddies from my secondary school! Yeppie!

Next day, which was this morning, I met up with them at 8, and as usual I was late for 10 minutes. doh.. haha! But nevertheless, we chatted for about half an hour on the problems my friends encountered when working at the F&N factory! hahaha! It was so funny! lol.. After which, we changed into our soccer boots and started some light warm up by stretching and passing the ball around. Everything was fine until...

...I received a fantastic low pass from my friend and as I tried to handle the ball in some kind of fashion, I supported my body with my left foot behind me. At the moment I stepped back, a crack sound was heard and the next moment I knew was I jumped and hopped on the field. I collapsed and seized my left ankle with both hands and the pain was unbearable. At first I thought it was no big deal and I can go back to play once I've massaged it well enough, but this time was different from any previous injuries I have sustained duing soccer. I couldn't stand up well enough and each step I took was like cutting a piece of flesh from me, one by one. Standing up was one issue, walking is another issue, going home is another issue. But, there was only one thing which pissed me off, I did not blame myself for this injury; instead it was because I only played for less than 10 minutes on the field!!

Well, the thought of playing only 10 minutes just pissed me off. I thought I could polish up my skills today, but who would have thought of such cases to happen? Oh the end, I sat under the sun for about one and a half hours watching them play and me, still clutching on to my ankle.
I went for breakfast with them and the good thing is at least I still can walk, but very painful and slow. I thought it was just a normal sprain and it would be alright in a few days.

Back at home, I applied some ointment and play games on the computer. After which, my dear patricia came to visit me! haha! =) That really made me feel better, lol.. but the pain would be always there at the ankle, that's the thing which is bothering me. She bought something for me and I really didn't expect that! wahaha... well, chatted for some time and .... (not going into details) ... she went home later. With my injured ankle, I could only see her up to my doorstep... hahaha. =p

At about 5, the pain was really excruciating and I decided to take a nap so that I would not feel the pain! haha! woke up at 8 though.. was in a total trance... lol. =/ Finally to sum up the whole day, I waited for my mom finish her work at the office so that she could buy dinner for me. I couldn't walk you see, the food court was not an option for me to settle my dinner. Guess what, I waited till 11.30pm then she came back. well, dinner time for me! haha... btw, 11.30 considered late for dinner? It's still night time right, so can be considered dinner? or supper? haha!

The pain continues as I headed back to my room... 1.30am. *wonder how I sleep with such pain =x Hope tomorrow would be a better day for me! =) seeing a doctor tomorrow, with a torn ankle ligament.. see ya guys and wish me for an early recovery! =]

Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. - Wayne Dyer


Jing said...

waaa u're realli wish u early recovery!~ take carex!! ^^v

Anonymous said...

btw y izit call bad hair day when u injured ur leg? -ahxiang