Sunday, January 30, 2005

Interesting Dae at the SPCA

As usual, pat and I are back at the spca on sundae!! We were just guessing whether the 2 retriever dogs that we saw last week would be adopted, as such breeds are pretty expensive and precious... however, as expected, I always win the bet! hahahaha..=p Yes, as I expected, the 2 retrievers were gone as we walked past the row of cages.. =( kinda sad for me, or rather should I feel happy for them for their new owners in new houses! Feeling happy or anguish, I really just hope that those dogs which were adopted had relish their happiness and freedom given by their new 'parents'... I would hate to see, if there is such a day, the adpoted dog would ever come back to spca again. *May all animal lovers cherish every single moment with your beloved pets for you'll never know that maybe you're seeing them for the last time...

Okay, back to the main topic, haha.. I saw a siberian husky dog!! wow!! It was just fantastic, wonderful, just simply great!! woo! I just have a strong liking for big dogs! haha.. it was so huge, the fur was thick and all soft, with some occasional grey patches of fur! The "No Entry" sign was hung outside the cage as expected, and I knew I could go in because I learned that the sign was put up to warn small children off the big dog which may hit and cause them to fall down.. hehe, I kept telling pat I will go in because I really like big dogs, but she had a phobia sustained 2 weeks ago from a huge rottweiler which gave her some souvenirs on her

Soon, we asked the female volunteer (who was rather big in size, and friendly!), about the stats of the husky dog. I asked if he likes to rough play which will be rather scary for some people and she said "yep". And I found out from her that he was even stronger than the rottweiler!! eek! I began to think twice before going in, for a moment. But, why should I be afraid of the husky? haha! She opened the cage and the very strong husky tried to force its way out while she used up lotsa strength to push it back in so that I could enter! I can see that she really uses lot's of energy! As I closed the door behind me, the husky pounced on me and began pushing, whacking me with his head, and tries to play with me with some rough bites on my hand and leg! I thought to myself, this is fun! But, such play is seriously not reccomended for some people because once you show that you're afraid and you panick, you're in for some stuff from the husky! haha!! Don't forget they can feel what we humans are feeling too! wahaha... =)

Next, after getting into a big mess with the husky, I got into another cage, this time it's a pretty innocent looking brown dog called Buffy. He looks real adorable and nice. I decided to go in, haha, after some persuasion from pat to ask me to go in first o.o I took a brave step in, only to realise it was too late. This dog, is, freaking me out!! He plays 10 times more rough that the husky!! ouch! lol! He bites my hand, scratch and pull my pants, bites my shirt, bites and hold on to my ankle real hard and anywhere where he can bite! haha!, so fun! although it freaked me out initially, but it was just trying to play after all.. well, another playful boi.. haha.. After some tussle with him, I realised I was panting!! lol! he was really a hardy boi! oh ya! one more thing, pat kept calling the volunteer over there cause she thought I was in some real pain after observing some harsh bites from Buffy. The volunteer came twice but I kept saying "It's okay, he just wants to play" haha! (I can see pat's worried expression! O.o)

Time to stop playing Buffy! I stood up but it clung on to my ankle with his sharp canine teeth, I dragged and then the volunteer came with a stern voice telling buffy to stop it and sit down. haha, and he listened to her! was quite amazed though.. lol. Then I took a quick glance at my hands and legs, and well, this Buffy gave me some souvenirs too, over 12 scratches on both my hands, a cut on my leg (of course it's bleeding with that nasty cut), and a cute lil hole made by his another canine tooth! I look like I had just came out of some warfare with some cats or something, lol... but it was fun though, and I promised pat that I would go in again if he isn's being adopted by the following week! haha!

Feeling real high after receiving those memorable souvenirs from Alfie (husky) and Buffy, I left the spca and looking forward to the next visit.. ;p

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Patricia said...

siao gi na ar u! LOL! so happy tt u got bitten?! haha.. herm.. hey! got surprise for u! haha! =P oways say i bluff u de =( ah bish! =P

Doughnut said...

Haha, i love big dogs too, but onli if they are obedient sounds nice to hug and their fur is nice..keke..ah..coined a new name for u and pat..which is Messenger of the dogs! haha..nice rite..=p Chinese new year coming soon..can get hong pao(S)!