Sunday, March 20, 2005


One thing about being late is that you'll piss the other party that's waiting, off. Another thing about being late is that it reflects much about oneself. The last thing about being late is that, if you want to be late, don't ever be late on the first day of any special occasions/courses/classes. My experience proves my last point made. O.o Don't be late on the first dae, cos you'll be suay thru out! wa kao!

Last week was my st john's first officer training course (otc), course dae 1. I was late for 15 min, 8.30 was the reportin time. I reached at 8.45 and realised EVERYONE had fallen in. Being the extra, I couldn't join the squad as I wished. So I stood by the side and waited for the officer in front to give me instructions.

"That fellow, those trainees over there! Late is it?" he yelled. "Yes sir!" I replied. "What you waiting for? Don't know how to report is it?" He screamed. eek! Being screamed at in front of the whole course isn't a good experience.. then after I reported, I tried to join in my team. I walked thru the squad from the middle, and then got scolded for cutting his squad (which I realised my mistake). I ran back to where he was, marched off again the other way round to join my team. poof! what a morning!

Then during one of the lectures, when everyone's in attention while the course IC was reporting the strength to the lecturerer, I din pay attention and I scratched my head. Suddenly, I realised no one was moving, so I looked around, and saw no officer looking at me. So i thought that no one saw me scratching my head.. then after the lecture, a officer tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to report to him behind. I went up to him and got scolded by him, becos he caught me scratchin my head! argh! so suay!

This week.. course dae 2.

Morning.. I was early! =D Then when the parade starts, the grooming begins... I thought there was certainly nothing wrong with me when I got caught for my hair (which I just cut the dae before) -.- 1 officer told me that the hair behind is too long, got a tail. lol.. then I told him I cut my hair yesterday. He don believe, I kept insisting that I really cut my hair yesterday! then he got nothing to say le, haha! But then becos the front part of my hair is very very short, when that officer(which turns out to be a discipline officer) saw me in the lecture room with my beret off, he told me not to go cut my hair, cos my hair too short! LOL.. but he told me to cut off the back part though.. lol XD

Back to the morning parade.. I wore a pair of black pants, which isn't st john one. cos my st john pants were dirtied the day before due to a training back in kranji. So no choice.. have to wear that pair. Becos of 1 extra pocket on my left butt, the officers found it weird I got caught for wearing the wrong pants!! I act a lil and told them that I wore the wrong one becos I have 2 pairs at home.. lol, but she was rather nice, didn't report me to the discipline mistress!! EEK! haha!

Then afternoon, at yio chu kang stadium. We had a rehearsal. I did all the things which I am supposed to do and thus sat down at the seats there.. feeling very very tired after 2 consecutive nights of 4 hours sleep, I put my right leg on top of my left lap (more comfortable mah.. haha). Then? Got caught for not maintaining image when in uniform.

Next, I was having a headache.. very tired and sleepy. Thus, I placed my palms behind me and sat in a very relaxing manner. Then? "You think you watch movie ar?", "No sir!" T.T

See.. I came to a conclusion... don be late for the first dae of anything. It's really suay, like what happen to me. Within 2 course daes, I got caught 6 times.. wad the. O.O

Sigh.. now having a stupid headache. See you guys! =) take care!


Anonymous said...

haha.. cheer up yea.. hope i can pass u some goody lucky luck.. haa .. *proof* magical powers of luck passed to u

Anonymous said...

haha...those fukin officers are all lame..that's why i hated st john rite from the start..haha..but since u have chosen this path..jia you! GAMBATEI! =) *u need a lucky charm* =D

Nursery mate ^^v