Friday, March 04, 2005

I am

I am:

-Sick of getting all those nonsense
-Sick of thinking so much about the JC shit
-Sick of thinking too much for friends
-Sick of being a good friend
-Sick of helping a friend
-Sick of trying to stop conflicts from worsening
-Sick of seeing friends unhappy
-Sick of getting myself involved in the conflict
-Sick of making other people sad as well
-Sick of sitting in front of the computer and quarrelling
-Sick of listening to songs
-Sick of eating
-Sick every night sitting on my sofa alone and think over those troubles

In the end, I became sick. Fever? Is it that I think too much that I turn sick? Or something else? sigh.. I don't know. Just feeling very sick now. Drank lotsa water already, but they don't seem to help. Just wants to lie down on my bed and take a rest...

See you guys =) Chee, I hope we can resolve this conflict soon? It's useless to let this continue, when both sides don't even stand to gain. What's the use of blaming each other for something which you all said? Useless.

Could this be a test for our 2 years of friendship? =I

1 comment:

synthesis said...

aiya, settle le la. Thanks for caring. don't be so sick, i think u're sick in the mind, in a perverted way :P hahahaha