Thursday, March 17, 2005

Back Home ^^

"Naughty", pat's budgerigar, was supposed to go home last night but after I bathed at 9, my mom called me and told me to stay at home to look after my baby bro! She say I can go to send naughty home, but must reach home by 9.30pm.. what the, lol. She needs to rush back home to put my baby bro under my care, then out again by 9.30 to meet a client (my mom's a housing property agent). I was thinking, how the heck can I send naughty home and then me making back to my home by 9.30? haha.. so I told my mom I've decided not to go send naughty home. -.- I hate things cropping up the last minute and ruined my plans.. haha, but never mind la, since naughty likes me so much! haha! =x He can stay at my house (chalet) for 1 more dae! No extra charges! =p

This morning I woke up at 4am, watched Liverpool vs Blackburn till 6am.. it was a 0-0 draw..T.T can't believe it!! lol.. wtf, pissed. hahaha.. then I slept from 6am to 10.30, waking up and talking to naughty for half an hour, while I cleaned it's cage, and changed the drinking water! Well, some observations I've made during the 6 daes stay with naughty.

- Rock music!
- Sick jokes (will jump like crazy when he hears 1 from me =p)
- Being blown by the fan (hot weather mah)
- Screaming when he smells food from the kitchen!
- Looking out of the window!

- Corny jokes (looks away when he hears 1)
- Quiet environment
- Me touching him (o.o do I look like a crook)

haha! cool ass.. lol, then about 11.30, before I told him I was bringing him home, I saw 2 feathers he left behind in the cage! Long ones! very nice! Grey feather, with a slight shade of ocean blue colour at the edge.. hahaha, wrapped it up in a piece of paper and put it in my wallet n_n haha..

Walked to pat's house and reached there at about 12pm.. was sweating like crazy, I couldn't take a bus because bus don't allow birds to be onboard! lOL!
Then when I was in pat's room, her mom came back from somewhere and asked me if I wanted to stay for lunch. I didn't want to have a lonely lunch at home again, so I agreed! haha.. what a good time that I arrived at her house. lol.. her mom wipped up a few plates of delicious bee hoon topped with some minced mushrooms + pork.. with tomato ketchup and chilli sauce added... mixed everything up like rojak and I got a wonderful lunch! =D And also a bowl of tasty soup with alot of stuff inside, the pipping hot soup certainly opened up my appetite! =) hahaha

Sent pat to lot 1 to meet up with zy and jing - they going k-box! haha.. I didn't go though, and then went back to her house to fetch her bro to the basketball court for a basketball game.. played till 3.30 (f-fing hot weather!!).. we both were nearly toasted! lol.. while walking back to his house, we saw mr andy kong, scary! lol.. still same old pattern. wahaha...

Then after that I walked back to my home, discussed with kian about cutting hair stuff, and then played gb! hahaha.. =O

While pat, zy and jing are enjoying themselves at k-box... I am signing off now! Going to my ah ma house for dinner! haha.. =p see ya friends!


Anonymous said...

u posted twice..haha...and sorry ah..juz now..haha..=p


Patricia said...

Thanx DEAR! thanx for takin care of me naughty birdie n cute lil plants! =D jus like me ^^ haha! =P

Muacks Muaks!

Anonymous said...

aiyah!! why u dont want to come to kbox with us? you missed your zao siah queen and me! hahahaha, what a im zhen yin btw.

Anonymous said...

ya pat is indeed a zhao sia queen cum destroyer manx..haha destroy zy's songs..haha u shld hav cum..well take carex~

synthesis said...
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synthesis said...

HEY, naughty sounds KAWAII!