Sunday, March 04, 2007

University Exhibition at suntec!

It was a miserable saturday night..where liverpool lost to man utd on home soil, thanks to a stoppage time goal from O'shea. wtf's like ferdinand who did this the previous time when Liverpool met Man utd at Old Trafford. @%@%#$^#

But LIVERPOOL's still the club with fantastic history and players! "You'll never walk alone" whoa.. great fans...After O'shea's stoppage time goal, the cheers from the fans singing 'you'll never walk alone' is truly amazing...As LIVERPOOL supporters, we never give up on the players, even with a second left to full-time!

Okay..then I applied for a scholarship under Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) online..9 long pages..took me an hour to complete it. hmm, the scholarship comes with a 6-year bond. Since it's the only scholarship offered for Veterinary Science, I'll never let it slip past my hands!

Pray hard that I'll get accepted!! I truly wants to become a vet!

Sunday noon...brought my parents along to suntec city career seminar. showed them the Australian Universities' booths..and the agency Aus-Ed. Met Mr Ferdinand Tan again..he was the one who spoke to me the previous year when he went to PJC for an exhibition. He saw me and asked if he had seen me before, I replied 'yea, you're Ferdinand Tan. we met in PJC.' hahaha. He's kinda shocked, but he remembered me alright.

Okay, we talked about vet science again, but this time it was different, I had my results with me. The other time we spoke, the atmosphere was totally different, I haven't even took my prelims. Same stuff again, 4 universities offered vet science, Murdoch Uni, Uni of Queensland, Uni of Sydney, Uni of Melbourne. Definitely my first choice was Murdoch Uni! He knew me well enough already..then I asked about application.

Hmm. seems like much of the stuff I already to double confirm, I asked him again. So I just need to submit by application, together with my GCE A Levels certificate to the various uni. But he said I can forget about Uni of Melbourne cause they only accept straight As students. So I applied for Murdoch Uni, Uni of Queensland and Uni of Sydney.

Hopefully and really, I want to get into Murdoch University!! I really liked the school campus, with their own farm in the campus itself, it makes vet studies more efficient and convenient! Hmm. Hope to hear a reply from these universities soon..although I'll be entering in July 2009, but an early reply will surely save me from all worries!

Thanks to st john junior, I applied for the AVA scholarship. I searched for months and I never knew about this scholarship. Well, I hope for the best..! =))!

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