Friday, March 30, 2007


Okay, I've submitted every necessary documents to Murdoch last night. Now hope for the best! Although chances are slim..but I've confidence alright. lol

Last year they had 5 Singapore A level graduates applying to Murdoch..and only 1 got in. wah lao. On top of that, they only accept 52 international students per intake! oh god.

Uni of Queensland is no better off, they accept only 30 international students per intake. diao. And for anyone who come across this blog post; FYI: The Uni of Queensland have made Physics a compulsary subject in the admission requirement for Vet Science.

However, the 2 main subjects will still remain Maths and Chemistry. Do well for them peeps!

Eh, sorry. What I have said only pertains to Vet don't get mislead.

Yep, hope I HUAT for this admission. Huat la! lol. =p


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