Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vet Science at Murdoch...

*Ended a 2-hour meeting in NUH with my colleges..

TIME: 1605 hours

I trudged along the concrete pathway, filled with dried fallen leaves, alongside Red Dot Traffic building. It is a building that stretches for at least 200 metres in length, and it's painted ALL RED. The whole building's really RED! inside out! A historical building..with some great eatery corners.

I feel wobby, wibbly, willy, wooky..serious headache. In a state of intricacy.

Walked past the RDT building to reach the Ministry of National Development (MND) building..needa get to the Aus-Ed; Uni-Ed agency located inside. Murdoch uni rep. and Uni of Queensland rep is here from 3-5pm! Got into the office and sat down. Trying hard to focus and relax..my mind's in serious chaos. *wobbles

Saw the agent whom I've seen so many times, at so many places!! Mr Ferdinand Tan!! and his trusty college, Mr Kelvin Mok! haha! So nice to meet them again.

Waited for about 10 min before I get my chance to talk to the guy from Uni of Queensland..asked him about the enrolment, the no. of international students they take in each year. He replied "about thirty or thirty-two each year". Okay, seems like competition's rather tight.. and then he told me the school's going to make Physics a compulsary subject for vet science entry requirement from next year. okay, I love physics. lol

Next I met the lady from Murdoch Uni, she's Ms Holly Croft. I asked again about the no. of international students they accept each year..she said about 50, but in the midst of increasing the intake to about 60. That's better..for a good school for vet science. Next she told me from this year onwards, the degree of vet medical/surgery will require 6 years instead of 5 years. So I asked her the reason for extending the period of course and she said according to the American Veterinary Association, the syllabus' for vet science's increased and they didn't want to compromise some other topics which previously was taught. Hence..yea.

hmm. This bothers me. Another year in australia means I require more money..very sad. wished I could talk to my parents about this. It ain't easy to talk to them afterall.

SMSed my dad and told him about the new 6-year degree..got a neutral response from him again..kinda expected it though. =/

what to do..? I asked myself.

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