Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chapter two - 2.2

Oh yes, I bought myself a personal dissecting kit.!

But seriously, it has everything you need to complete a suicide.


Anyway, kudos to myself! Class ended at 4.30.. went library and bookstore and reach dorm at about 5.30. Was famished. I realised I had the inspiration to whip up something. So I thought of spaghetti with pasta sauce (with random spices added by myself) cooked with pork sausages.

After cooking the spaghetti...still hot.

Spaghetti in my special oriental bowl.

Cooking pork sausages with CK-invented pasta sauce.

Pork-Flavoured Spaghetti. (: - with lots of love

Love is not everything. Must try. *ummp

Will be cooking everyday from now, must improve!!

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