Wednesday, February 04, 2009

smiles for the marathon

Wednesday and it's a week more. I've got things all over my room and I am still finding (yes, still finding) a corner to start packing. I'm still buying certain necessities. On the other hand I have to clear up my ah ma's house's room once and for all. Fast. Was packing all my clothes into bags last sunday when ah ma came in my room and told me something.

She said "aiya, no need pack everything la, next time you come back when you stay here you also need clothes."

sigh. I told her I'd bring clothes from home (and toothbrush), like a form of travel pack if I'd be staying with her a few days. What a pain in the ass to pack. That faithful sunday took me hours to finally tell myself to get down and start folding my clothes into bags. I didn't feel like, so I lied down, took a nap and still didn't want to wake up. and I finally started at about 9.30pm. Left cck at about 11pm after ah ma helped bring my clothes downstairs. She told me many things which I will not forget and I know she will be missed badly.

Did my ORD clearance form yesterday and medical. Made a new pair of specs with kong. (my current pair is scratched bad enough after months and months of outfield, including braving sand storms in NZ) Optician said my degree of both my eyes remained at where it is, and in fact that of my left eye dropped! oh well. by 25. Doesn't quite make a difference, isn't it?

Later in the day wl, wm and gab came to my house. They wanted to check out Kopi. and had a fun time with my brother. oh and things really looked different when you've a 4 and half yrs old kid at home. The room is noisier, full of unexpects and fun at times. It gets to a whole new level when you release a 3-month old puppy running around where you instantly and constantly fears for something that will fall and break, or snapped or broken. I looked at kopi and had a strange feeling running inside me. Mom and Dad gonna move house again in two years' time, I have a funny thought that tells me kopi will not be fine, at all. I knew this all along the day I brough him home. 2 years down and I might see him somewhere else. Maybe in a factory where he will meet new friends, or an adoption home (unlikely). I shudder to think further. But I've no say, will just move on and take a step at a time.

I shall look forward to having a rewarding time and experience in the school of veterinary. Finally I am fulfilling my childhood dreams. (:

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