Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chapter 3 - Dawn of Autumn

February's gone and March comes. With March comes Autumn and it's a whole new season again! Suddenly everything starts to turn chilly, just as it feels comfortable getting warmed up by the morning sun, the chill wind that comes across hits you real hard underneath your skin. Week 3 of my semester and intrasemester exam's coming in a couple of weeks. Winter follows, but that's still quite a while to it. 

Coping well with lectures and labs, but it's sure tiring to read up on endless veterinary anatomy and cell bio every night. Veterinary anatomy's so going to be my new nightmare. Sometimes chemistry just have to stress me out badly with two 3-hour online assessment to be done each week, one for theory, one for lab sessions. But normally can finish less than 2 hours one, heh.. but still..it's quite time consuming especially when I'm not in an examination situation, the mood is totally different! And just when I thought I got away with stats in college... I was wrong, deadly wrong. goodness me..now it just became biostatistics data analysis.. but it makes freaking no difference with sample proportions, normal distributions, confidence intervals, the means..variance.. the it goes on for you all know. On top of that I'll be assessed on using a software to manipulate datas given...analysis. That's where analysis comes in. But I'm still doing well.. I just need to find someone for a jog or a game of soccerrrrrr! leg itchy.. 

And so dad's coming over to Perth in 3 days' time!!! Friday night that is. I'm actually quite excited to see him, for some reasons. Things that I want to tell/show him just keeps going on as the days go by, the list never ends! Although he's here only for the weekend, I really appreciate it very much. Chatted with him over msn quite often on many nights, and got a pic of kopi yesterday (yes it's in my facebook!) But it really hurts to know he's still struggling with that strain shoulder of his..for months ever since he had to use his left hand to do many chores at home. 


Week 5's a semester break. I'm so going to Chidlow marsupial hospital for a week! Hope I get Liz's (the friendly lady of this small home-based hospital) reply soon. Omgoodness..it's quite a new thing for me now that I'm gonna handle marsupials. hahaha. woo hoooo. But there're other options at Kanyana wildlife rehabilitation centre and the animal rescue centre near Bibra Lake which I'd seriously consider. I shall see how it goes then. 


And yes!... friend came over to cook..and here's what we whipped up. 

Chicken Patty Fried Noodles with sweet tomato sauce

I think we can still improve on that..hahaha. *delicious ;)  
(ps: see that white sauce ooozing out of the sizzling just-out-of-oven chicken patty..omg omg) 

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