Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chapter 3.2 - Rice


okay okay! more rice! hahaha. I swear I've never missed eating rice so much before. This was one of my dinner last week..haha. Of course I had some side dishes.. :P The rice looks shiny enough, thanks to my extra virgin olive oil !!


Been a busy week at the Native Animal Rescue Centre (ARC), often leaving at 7.45 in the morning and reaching back after 5 in the evening. Being there has certainly reassured my passion for wildlife and it's extremely heartwarming to see different committed volunteers every morning knowing the fact that no one should be paid caring for native animals. Everything we do, are purely for the well-bring of injured native animals. Been nursing these particular few birds everday, feeding medications, preparing food (nectar + crushes insects for the poor Loorikeet who possibly injured his spine and can't move at all). Oh, and one dude's gonna get released back to the wild soon. yay! hahaa. 

For me, nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of seeing your own efforts paid off when the native animals get released back into the wild. The smiles I will see from the people who had made sacrifices for the animals, are invaluable. Possibly one of the many significant moments that will be written down and remembered, as a chapter of my life in the veterinary field. 


Lim Sze Ye, Jane said...

Hey. stumbled upon your blog while blog hopping. =) i like animals too and im happy to know that there are so many other people who care for the animals too. hopefully i'll be able to get into murdoch vet school just like you.

CK said...

wow such coincidence. it's really amazing to know and work with people who have a passion for animals. :)