Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chapter 4 - defining the purpose in life

Daylight savings ended and yes, saved an hour this morning. Back on par with singapore's time again. Daylight saving should start again after winter. 

-picture taken at 8pm. walking out of campus for dinner on a friday night with friend.

Weeks have been really hectic. I'm beginning to see nothing out of this, at times. Assignments, tests and projects are coming at an insane rate. I spend my only short weekday in the library searching for references, spend hours late into every night doing reading, assignments, preparing for the next day's lecture. I know it when I see meals and sleep as a chore. Spent the whole of my day in the library yesterday, on a saturday, preparing for mid-semester exams. I came back only at 8 in the evening. Sunday is for doing up online assignments and assignments on lab sessions. 

I need a break. I need to know where am I heading with all these shit. What do I want? Where's the life? So what if I know all the theories on evolution and chemical principles? Lost my expectations of life. Not thrown off-track yet but this is just the start of the marathon, first few kilometres often the toughest.

...redefining the purpose..searching for quality.

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