Friday, March 30, 2012


Seems like we've reached the end of yet another week! I'm sure there are That many people who felt the week went past in a flash. A week of studying (for the first pharmacology exam today), running (i make it a point to run every alternate day when I don't have soccer training/games), and also a week of sleepless nights. Wonder what triggers the return of those episodes of insomnia. It is pretty daunting. Had it before, never want it to come back again.

Not to forget mentioning I finished Season 2 of Sherlock Holmes series! (Season 3 is still in the making) Really loved every episode of Sherlock's powress and pure intelligence. Speaking of which, there are only three episodes per season, what a pity though! Ninety minutes of me glued to the screen for every episode can't be any better.

No one does it better than Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman!

Can't wait for Season 3.

Also I've bought another (the 4th) book of Malcolm Gladwell - What the dog saw (Published Oct 2009).

This will complete my series by Malcom, great writer; what a talent.


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