Thursday, March 22, 2012

Veterinarian or not?

I realised I've reached the point where I question myself day in day out, before I sleep and the first thing in the morning. Is it going to be worthwhile doing this? Study painstakingly for six years, graduate and work crap hours and still get shitty salary. All for the animals, and the world is still unchanged. I pop myself another question again, how much have veterinarians revoluntionised the world?

There must be a reason why veterinarians are always in the background compared to medical  professionals. Why is there only one Nobel Prize winner as a veterinarian, for as long as the nobel prize started? Are we lacking something, or are we overwhelmed by what nature and wildlife can offer us?

How can saving animals ever be compared to children being abducted everyday, young girls being snatched away in their own village and sent for slavery and prostitution, children starving because they don't have enough rubbish scraps to feed themselves? Outcries from the public when they see a video of animal abuse, and even so demand immediate political action, especially in developed countries where the people are living comfortably with little to worry for. No one mentioned a single word when we hear news of girls being snatched away, or children starving in developing countries.

I'm halfway there, is it too late to consider giving up? Anyone who could offer me a way out of this, I would seriously consider my options. Forget the honour, forget the prestige. It's only worthwhile only when you work to live, not live to work.

Let me pray that the A$300k in exchange for medical knowledge will allow me to change the world.


Anonymous said...

"it is only worthwhile when you work to live, not live to work."

that was something that triggered my decision to go and study. the way i was working to accomplish the tasks for my bosses' KPIs were just too inacceptable. i was supposed to be educating kids. instead i had such long working hours cos i spent so much time doing things for bosses and still didnt want to compromise my committment to education. that was one of the reason why TBL chose to leave too.

anyway, back to your point, i guess vets are like the behind-the-scenes ppl. no one really notices unless you make it to TV. ha.. but, that has been your passion since forever. maybe its not so much abt how much the world knows the difference you are making. rather, knowing that animals too deserve the kind of care and that you value that so much that you'd be one of those providing the care.

and travelling is one of the best ways to experience cultures and people and nature. there's so much to see, so much to absorb. seeing the world brings me smiles and humbles me. so hope you get round to seeing the world soon! once you start getting a salary. :)

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