Saturday, March 26, 2005

Finally.. 9 reds!

If you ever wonder, what 9 reds means, well, it means 9 blood parrot fish. Or rather some people prefer to call em Red Parrot Fish..! haha.. Got to tell ya a lil story abt my reds before I can say what I wish to share! loL...

Back in 2003 Dec.. I bought 2 reds, and I thought they would form the world's lovliest pair of love fish.. how romantic! But they turn out to be 2 females T.T Both laid their eggs and both tried to defend their own eggs at different corners of the tank! Well, how did I manage to know that both laid eggs? Easy but crazy, of cos I can recognise my own fish, which is which, and 1 fine day when I saw one of the reds laying eggs on the bed of rocks I prepared at the bottom of the tank! Transparent, small, cute eggs came out in some sort of chain pattern from her 'ass', and I jus sat there watching her lay... ard 45 min passed and she hadn't finish laying her eggs! Got sick of seeing those eggs popping out and I went to take a nap instead! lol..

After some days, I happen to see the other red not swimming quite right in da tank~! Went closer only to realise that she was laying her eggs! Wad de! No males! Crap.. lol... Too bad I didn't introduce any males into the tank, if not all the eggs would have been fertilised! aww... kept saying tt I would go buy 1 male, which cost ard $7-8 bucks, but I always never take action. hahaha

Then after about close to a year.. during one of the nights, the oxygen pump's plug's fuse blew.. ! -.- then one of the reds died... ='( what the.. it's not my fault what, the fuse blew suddenly in the middle of the night, what can I do? Unwillingly, but I have to. I scooped out the fish using a net, was rather heavy though.. sigh, very sad and that's it. =/

The worse part is yet to come, seeing the other fish who survived the ordeal swimming all alone in the tank just provides the absolute atmosphere of lonliness. Pure lonliness. It isn't as lively as before. It seemed to ask me "Where's my friend?" whenever I looked into her eyes.. =I

Well.. this is the story guys..

Today, after about 3 months of living alone, I bought another 8 to make it 9. Well, I heard from chee that we cannot rear fishes in even number, and 9's always the best number for rearing fishes... i bought 8 more. But eventually 1 died earlier (no reason, maybe he committed suicide), which left only 8 reds in da tank! Even number!

My dad went to Qian Hu to buy 1 more Red today.. was rather big in size! lol.. now I've got 9 Reds.. woo hoo! The lively atmosphere in da tank has finally reignite! =D

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Reds caught in a mess!

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Shoo! I'm new here, let me socialise first! Don't take pics!!

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Yes.. that's me, I'm new here! =D

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Here's my beautiful and heavenly pinkish coloured scales! Wahaha..


Anonymous said...

tis midi sounds familiar..wad song lai de...btw those fishes r beautiful =Pp

Anonymous said...

ur fishes are gay! lol..gayingly cute la..=p Interesting dae u've lived!

Kian who got kianned =D

synthesis said...

COOL! all my reds died though... empty tank now.. sad..