Monday, March 28, 2005

A FUCKER spoils the whole day.

Today's orientation day 3, supposed to be back with your CT classes, which means the permanent class tt we'll be having for the next 2 years. And my best bud wee kian's appeal was a success and he got into the same class as me! So ^^ haha!

Back to my title.. today, steven, xiangming, sherman, zhenhui, weekian and me were having lunch in da canteen, eating chicken rice as usual with extra rice, extra meat.. lol, then suddenly 1 fucker who's wearing a yellow Student Council t-shirt, came to approach us. Both xm and sherman were already in a bad mood from the previous incident tt happened in da hall, which is rather realli, fucked. Then, the fucker came to ask if we're from SO1, and we answered yes. We were eating at tt time, so not alot of talking's involved, but we finished the rice up very quickly and he told us tt he got something very impt to tell us. Curious, we sat there quietly to listen to what he's got to say.

He started off the conversation saying that we need to be more enthu, need to change our attitude abt the orientation and shouldn't criticise other classes. WHAT THE FUCK? SINCE WHEN DID WE CRITISIZE OTHER CLASSES? I got fucked up by this sentence, hence probed further to ask if when did we ever criticise other classes? And we asked him who told him to speak to us, and he said SOMEONE. Well, after much questioning, we got to know tt it's our own OGL tt told him tt we have bad attitudes, we criticises other class.. all those bad stuff.

We asked him to give examples on what stuff that we said which he thinks we're in wrong, and GUESS WHAT?! THAT FUCKER, and I mean A REAL FUCKER, actually said that we say "The other classes are not as good as us, cos we triple science class." WHAT THE FUCK? WHEN DID WE EVER SAY THAT?! THIS IS TOTALLY RIDICULOUS!

Friends out there who're reading my blog, after knowing me for so long, do I look like 1 who say this kinda things? Does weekian look like 1 too? and xiangming? And my other 3 friends whom I knew for 3 months, I know they wont say this kinda things!! IF we have such bad attitude, how the hell did we get into a triple science class? I believe that everyone knows that in order to excel in your studies, what comes first? Attitude! We have bad attitude? We criticise till this stage? If we have such attitude, we wouldn't even get into a JC in the first place, neither poly or even ITE! WE WOULD HAVE forgotten about studies and went to slack around!

what the fuck la, we know we wouldn't say this kinda things, and that fucker kept insisting that we did say that. So I was very fucked up and i asked "So, from the way you're talking, you're standing on that gal's side who told you this story and believing in her point of view, and isn't this bias? You only listen to 1 side of the story?" He didn't answer to my qn but changed to talk from other points of view, but isn't this obvious tt he's bias? So I decided not to question him on this any further. FINE. I kept quiet and listen to what he's got to say.

Then we went into the topic of we not being enthu. what the fuck is this, we not enthu? We were so friendly and high in the morning when we play games and when they OGLs told us to go take a break, we even joined in other classes games! ISN'T THIS ENTHU? HOW THE FUCK ENTHU THEY WANT US TO BE? THIS IS TOTALLY ABSURB! FUCK.

Then next was back to the criticising thing again, that fucker said that we made our OGL (tt gal), cried becos we criticise her. Again, WHAT THE FUCK LA? Since when did we criticise her? That fucker said that she went to the toilet and cried becos of what we did. BUT, THE PROBLEM IS, DID WE EVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT THE GAL's FEELINGs? I CAN SWEAR, WE NEVER EVER DID. Even if there's, is "hey, you very fierce leh..!" a criticism? Somemore we said this in a joking manner!! Imagine!! THIS IS SOO STUPID! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT WE ACTUALLY GOT ACCUSED FOR THESE KINDA FUCKED THINGS!


Okay, now we've got a bad image in front of everyone and it's becos of SOME THINGS, WHICH WE DIDN'T FUCKING DID! WHAT THE HECK!

Well, firstly that fucker tried to be mysterious and when we asked about his name, he declined to answer us. Fine, we asked him about his class since he asked us about everything. He said, we don't need to know which class he's from. Name? "I'm just a normal student in a normal jc like Pioneer JC." fine.

Then another student counciler came by, he's a nice fellow, standing neutral. We told him everything and he called that fucker who we later found out to be called Adrian, down to the canteen to settle the misunderstanding. This is the moment when we knew everything about this fukcer, and when we asked about why he lied abt his identity, he said he didn't lie. Isn't claiming himself to be a J1 when he's not, lying? Kian shot him back with "You're turning 18 this year and you still can't differentiate between a lie and a truth." Well done, kian. Next, I shot him with "Why can't you just say that you're from J2, what's wrong with that, and is telling us your class a shameful thing to do? A sensible person wouldn't say that he's just a normal person in a normal JC like Pioneer." Isn't it?? He's just trying to be unreasonable.

The other nice fellow was just listening beside and trying to solve the misunderstanding. Well, he told us to just forget about this matter and hope that we'll be more enthu after lunch. what the fuck, how can we just forget about this matter when we got accused and almost every OGLs or rather friends know abt this matter? We did nothing wrong and we were accused?

What the fuck, I seriously think that this is a very serious misunderstanding! Well, that fucker just spoils our nice orientation which was supposed to be fun (which we enjoyed ourselves in the morning only). Thanks fucker. =)


Anonymous said...

ck .. i feels as fuk up and pissed off.. nvm la.. u knew we nv did anithing wrong.. but later in the part okle la.. dun care them.. we enjoy can le.. smilez =D

Anonymous said...

yea, fuck him!

Kian =)

Anonymous said... iznt good feelin at all 2 be misunderstood...aniwayx u all shld pay back double at de ogl hu yuan wang u all in de 1st place, still fake crying in de toilet....good tad u all argued back!..hahax tis kinda fuckers canot be spared =Pp

Patricia said...

so dumb to encounter tis incident durin orientatio so called official one, cos in the permanent class. tis not important pt..

well, i agree wif gong gong, i'll make hell for her tml. den let the OGL come find me =P

den asked him to ask the gal come tan pan.. see y she said those fake stuffs. FUCKED HER N THE YELLOW GUY! shit dem!

-+ hwee +- said...

yeah!! fuck those fuckers in pj!! -kah hwee-

Anonymous said...

Since he doesn't know how to make good use of his brain,I will murder him on ta spot n fuk his brain!


Anonymous said...

I contacted d World's Record Book Co. and they agreed to put this entry into the top 10 list of blog entries with the most 'Fuck' word mentioned...

Hahaha, juz trying 2 lighten the mood lar k? N pls update on any "sequels" to this action movie, ya? =D


Anonymous said...

omg! there are 34 "fuck" words used in this blog including comments! And out of 8 comments, 8 contains the word "fuck" !

LOL.. =x wahaha!

- Ck the great

Anonymous said...

oh my god, you guys brought vulgarities to a whole new level

zhen yin