Sunday, March 06, 2005

I-Pay-Everything Day

=D <-- what a fake smile, lol. well.. Today's I-Pay-Everything Day, it basically means I pay for everything today with pat. -.- wonder who suggested this fantastic idea... hahaha

Watched soccer the night before till 3am plus, and woke up at around 9 the following morning. Switched on the com and saw gay kian online soon after. hahaha, was glad that he came online cos there isn't an active person in my msn contacts! wahaha, thx dude for making my morning better. lol.. Chatted and then suddenly I thought of the movie "Hitch" which I am watching it with pat today. Thinking of this gay who missed the movie a few days before with other buds, I decided to ask him along. (don realli wish to leave him out =p just thinking that we'd have less time out next time for movies due to the different packed schedule the 2 of us will have in diff jcs)

Kept persuading him and he kept rejecting.. lol, got kinda pissed when he kept rejecting my invitation, but in the end he agreed to go (reluctantly =( haha) Well, agreed to meet at 1.30 at yew tee mrt. I reached yew tee at 1.30 and then pat told me that she forgot to buy food for kah hwee, then she told me that she needed to go back to cck to buy food for her! ah.. surely I can't leave her alone to go buy then I accompanied her to go back to cck. Kept calling kian, wanting to tell him to wait at cck if he hadn't board the mrt, but he kept rejecting our calls! Sent a few sms-es to tell him to wait at cck too, but I guess he already board the mrt. And where was I? I am already in the 302 bus, heading back to cck! omg.. what can I do? sometimes I really wished I could do some jutsu as in naruto and split myself up, so that I can go to 2 places at the same time! haha.. =D made kian real pissed, I know of course. Really sorry about that but I can't help it either, sigh, what a difficult position I am in. In the end I made kian real pissed, lol.. met up with him in the mrt and he gave me a very gloomy face! O.o I don't know what to say to him too, except sorry =)

Let's not talk about the unhappy stuff that happened! lol!.. then we reached orchard station, alighted and then headed for... Shaw! We ended up opposite of Shaw and had to cross the busy road. Then gay kian suggested to take the underpass, which I agreed since it looked more relaxing than walking under the scorching sun. haha.. went in and a Chocolate Hut greeted me instantly. It was a portion of the Marks and Spencer building! Ah!! well, just a comment to add on - Marks and Spencer is branded. Oh great, pat loves chocolates and I was thanking gay kian for taking this path.. haha! The chocos and sweets there were fantastic! Great design, brilliant packaging, marvellous looks, and best of all, interesting price! lol..=p I didn't really care what pat took, she thought she was on a shopping spree and everything was free. o.o I kept going to the wines section.. lol trying not to get close to that freak pat who might just give me a heart attack from the bags of sweets she took. loL!

Kian chose a bag of caramel sweet? Treated me 1 of it and it taste simply delicious! Just imagine sucking the melted milky cream mixed off the whole piece inside your mouth.. and then letting the caramel ooz all over on your tongue a few minutes later, which just fills up the whole mouth.. mmm taste excellent!! =D

Pat bought.. er..hmm, should be I bought..erm, 3 bags of different choco-sweet, ranging from mint to fruity flavoured sweet? Plus a fudge which looked tasty.. surely! haha! Cost me quite some money though, let's not talk about how much it cost. Have some suspense! But.. think over it, in Marks and Spence, everything's absolutely classy, including those eye-catching price tags! lol.. :P

Happily, the both of them had their sweets and went up the building so that we could get to Shaw. Went out of the underpass and saw this real man, painted himself white all over, wearing a black coat and having robotic movements! Amazing huh! Standing there for so long and he's not even giggling or something, what a cool dude.. Then the freak pat suggested to take a picture with him, so she went close to him and that man did a twist sign on her head, nice pic! Well, later that man laughed and smile at us, and then when pat offered to shake hands, the man wanted a hug! lOL.. made pat a lil shocked though. hahaha :D

Went into Shaw and bought the tickets for "Hitch" and of course, I paid for her. I am not gonna repeat this again, haha.. cos it's (read the title). It was around 3pm when we bought the movie tickets for the 4.15pm show. Wonder who mentioned "ice cream" and pat immediately thought of Dairy Queen! Crossed the road again and sat around a table beside DQ. She bought, no I mean I bought Strawberry Cheese Quake, and gay kian bought a Kit Kat Blizzard? lol.. sounds funny. haha.. anyway, both ice cream taste very nice! love them! Then while kian and I was queueing up, 2 ladies behind us (quite good-looking, hahaha), kept pointing at us (kian noticed that). Later we found out that they were talking about us looking alike, lol.. is that suppose to be a compliment to say that I look like kian?! argh.. haha!

By the time we finished our ice cream, it was 4pm! lol.. took quite a while to finish those delicious, ever-tempting ice-cream. Kian and I were complaining about our tummy growing, due to 2 KFCs, 2 Burger Kings, 1 Pizza meal, 1 Ajisen (kian had that the night before). We have not been running regularly!! arhh! We freaked out. haha..

Rushed back to Shaw and I treated the popcorn and drink (kian bought 1 individually himself). Kian asked for ice lemon tea but the staff gave us 2 pepsi! lol.. kian tasted both cups a few times before realising they both were pepsi. So kian went to change the drink to ice lemon tea. Went into the movie theatre at about 4.20? Was a bit late, but the show haven't start, great! Settled down and focused on the damn hilarious movie!! Will Smith is surely my idol! lol.. what a movie! lol.. so funny, laughed but not as much as that freak pat. 2 ang mohs then came much later and then sat right beside pat, which she commented that they were so handsome -.-! lol.. kian said the 2 of them failed the national average standard lo.. haha

Hitch: The male go 90% while the female will go the rest of 10%. lOL!... hahaha =)

After the movie, pat asked kian if there's a AJISEN nearby. I was too afraid to listen, so I covered my ears and bent in front, so that the 2 of'em can discuss where's the nearest AJISEN and have dinner there!!! Lucky I stayed calm after hearing the word "AJISEN" and we proceeded on. haha... went to taka's Ajisen to have our dinner and I chose Miso Char Siew Noodles! Taste REALLLLL great!! Very Very Very rich and tasty soup indeed! cool! Ate soft shell crab as a side dish and it was excellent! "Ajisen's the best" hahaha... keep hearing the staff there say thank you and some other stuff in Jap. Love that experience though.. and the meal was worth the money! =D It's $13.90 per set.. so just imagine, just imagine! The amount which have to be multiplied by two (don forget there's still me who needs to eat), lol!

Oh my oh my.. after the visit to the great Ajisen place, pat suddenly reminded herself of FAMOUS AMOS! O.O !! lol.. didn't freaked out, but then I don't know if it's lucky or not, we still past by Famous Amos, despite my efforts to avoid that route. lol.. went in and took a look at the cookies, but the one pat was looking forward to, had only one piece left. So we left without buying any! aww.. how sad. =p

Took the mrt back and we chatted and chatted. POOF! Reached cck without us realising, haha. I still can see pat's eyes glimming with happiness. lol.. that's great! wahaha.. I kept telling myself "I've never been so broke before" hAhA! But anyway, the I-Pay_Everything Day comes only once in a year? I better confirm this. =x If you guys need comments on this I-Pay-Everything Day, come and look for me personally please, I'll be more than grateful to give you valuble and memorable comments!! =D hahaha..

My wallet didn't really enjoy it's day out though, haha! Had to bandage up those holes in my wallet now! See ya folks! =)

CK the great is back in town! No more sad CK! :)


Anonymous said...

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...had a great time with u two ass couple..haha..i juz felt u two were silly to go lot one buy food for that KH when she lives beside lot one..loL! i know la, she is tired..haha..the popcorns are so nice! happily munching it away..but i kept thinking of my AJISEN IS SIMPLY THE BEST..LOL! I LOVE IT MAN..and thanks to my discount card at ajisen, the meal costs onli 12.40 each! haha.. :P thx for calling me and ur :P

Noble Kian =D

RoXyMeMeMe! said...

hmm.. who suggest the you pay everything day huh?

Patricia said...

i tot someone said he hate DQ, hate everything tt day? o.O who har? LOL! =P

well~ i mus say it's the best date ever! oso hav one free light to shine us everywhere we go.. =X haha! jokin.. enjoyed kian's company too ; ) w/o him, i wont meet my 'marks n spencers;'. Hi5 man! LOL!

erm.. i noe u oso had a great day out too, bcos u goin out wif me! =D haha! =P

Love you lots lots! especially ur wallet! haha! opps! =P no.. oni you.. makes me thought of the song: Only yOU~.. haha! nice rite.. alligato.. haha! ; )

Anonymous said..., i oso wanna be ur gf..OPps..i mean inform mi abt ur next "i-pay everiting" n i'll tag along..i noe u wun mind de rite? haaz~ take lotsa caREx~ smilex