Thursday, March 24, 2005

Orientation 2..!

O2! As I stepped into the exciting atmosphere in pj, I could see some new fresh (noob) faces, but most importantly, Pj made me feel as if I am back in kranji -.-! lol! So many Kranjians! omg! =/ Well, it's up to individuals to decide whether it's something good or bad! haha! =D

Walked to sch with gay kian as usual, and he was late.. he still specifically reminded me the night before to meet at 6.50am under his block, but then he came out of the lift at 7.03am! lol.. we were supposed to reach sch by 7.30, was wondering if we'll be late.. But, aiya, late then late lor, orientation mah, bound to have late comers, what can they do? haha! We walked normally and saw mr siah again, lol..on his bike. We waved and he seemed happy to see us! =) haha.. it's better to see mr siah than that gay lab uncle, mr tan! We'd either see mr siah or mr tan almost every morning, and it realli freaked the 2 of us out everytime that mr tan walked apast us looking at us with tat kinda eyes.. haha O.O

Reached sch at 7.30 sharp and before I could check my OG group, pat already checked for me, I was in OG34 ! haha.. pat's in OG32, with xm and steven, and.. christina, liwen, nicholas, byron! So many krnajians in OG32! I was jealous at first, but I thought, hey, I have only 2 kranjians in my OG34(shixian and another gal, forgot her name) and that means I have more chances of making new friends! XD hahaha.. :)

My O5SO1 pinkie group, my good friends, sherman, zhenhui, steven, xiangming and me, got into groups which were in chronological order! xm and stevie in OG32, sherman in OG33, me in OG34, zhenhui in OG35. wow! hahaha.. nice! I was informed by a few of them to enlarge my radar scope.. *caught no balls at first. (think, open up your radar means to scan for chio gals la.. hahah)

The stupid talk started at 8am and went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on an... till 11am! so boring! I am hearing this for the second time, but for the sake of those newbies, I decided to show some considerations by not disturbing those peeps beside me. I wan to intro myself mah.. haha!

Then I went over to sit with sherman and zhenhui, talk cock as usual, and then after a while, those gals who went to the canteen with pat, came back but ps-ed pat in the hall! lol.. was sitting alone, and the ever kind and friendly ck went over to accompany her. Chatted and then I msged zhenhui to disturb him, and those lame smses realli made dae more interestin! lOL!! some hilarious smses though.. wahahaha.. such as he threatening to kidnap me and then kidnap pat, with my hamster along.. then skinning my hamster and make into some meat balls or something. Looks funny when he wanted to kidnap me! HAHA.. =D well.. that's all for O2 Day 1! :) er... I wont be updating on what's happening tml as... I'll be PONning! hahaha, so bo liao lo.. I will go for the last 2 days, don worry! haha!

Should I say I wont be going to O2 later? cos it's like.. 2am now! lol.. going to sleep after reading a book later, see you guys soon! =P


Anonymous said...

hAhahaX !!! sms ish i type de.. nort zhenhui.. allaalla.. BeWarE!!! i goin kidnap u !!! ur hammie goin to b CoOKEd!! MEAt bOlA!!!

Jing said...


Anonymous said...

PON AHhHhHhHHhHHHhHHhHhhhhhHHHhH!!!!!!

Kian =D

synthesis said...

lame as, always bio chio bu in school! wat the, never jio me -.-"