Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Public Duty at Admiralty Pri Sch T.T

First aid pulic duty is perhaps the most interesting or rather the wae to show what we as first aiders have learnt in the past years... No doubt this is also something to prove your capabilities. =)

Todae admiralty pri sch requested for about 15 st john cadets to go down for duty for a "Amazing Race." It was a long dae from 8am to 4pm.. looks abit sick though. lol.. I went with kailing, sheryl, liwen and 9 other cadets (enthu! =p). Knowing that there's a duty todae, I still slept at 3.30am (late!) and woke up at 6am! crazy.. was totally in a state of confusion when I woke up at 6.. imagine, consecutively 4 hours of sleep for 4 days plus a 2 and half hours sleep this morning.. I am totally drained out of my energy.

Then after I settled down, it was around 7 plus liao.. which I have to meet kailing they all at 7.45 at cck control! But.. but! I still have to rush down to pat's house to water plants.. and do something(not to be disclosed =p)! She was away in hk and her parents require my help to water those cute lil plants of theirs... haha! Rushed down to pat's house and then when I came out of her house, it was already 8am -.- doh..

I hate getting myself late! But always can't help it.. loL! Smsed kl to sae that I not meeting them le, cos I will be taking a taxi down myself (late liao mah). Hailed a taxi and I told the uncle I want to go to Admiralty Pri Sch, he say he's not sure where it is. But, during the morning peak hour, all the taxi are hired! No choice!! Have to take this taxi! Then I told him that the sch is around sembawang that area.. I supposed. Then he drove me to sembawang, dunno which wae he took, so long! When I reach sembawang, the fare was already $9.. then i quickly smsed kkl, sheryl and liwen asking them about the address of the sch, but only liwen replied! argh.. haha! Called me and said that the sch is in the woodlands region! So.. the taxi have to make a U-turn back and head for woodlands. So stupid.. I keep looking out of the window becos I don wan to see the taxi fare! Scary! Turn and turn, look here and there.. look look look, finally I saw the sch, made another loop to get to the sch gate. Guess the fare now. O.o $11.80 + $1.00 extra charge -.-!

wtf.. when i alight from the mrt, saw everyone entering the sch gate.. Phew, I wasn't late! haha! Then the security guard stopped me, because I wasn't in my st john t-shirt. He don believe that I am from SJ! Seriously, do i look like a crook?! lOL!.. Luckily I asked liwen to help me take my SJ t-shirt from my ah ma house and then she gave it to me. I wore it over my adidas shirt and then the security guard then believe me O.O haha! so kuku..

When I was chatting with the 3 gals about my freak stupid moronic ass OTC which was on sundae, I realised that the duty starts at 10am -.- wtf.. what about my $12 now.. wa lao, really feel like knocking my head against the wall. so stupid! nvm la.. I told myself, since I've already reached the sch, and $12's paid, what can I do? lol.. =o

Waited till 10 and then set off for my first aid point, which was around 200 metres from the sch gate.. at a basketball court. The sun came out! so hot!! lol.. went into the shelter and then chatted with 2 of the "Amazin Race" leaders at the location. Asking them about how they know about this program, why they volunteer.. all those. Then being curious, I asked about their sch. "So.. where u studyin in?" I asked politely. "RJC year 2," she replied then lookin back at her notes she brought. "That's she, I'm from NYJC year 2," the other replied while meddling with those stuff required for the amazin race.

OH MY GOSH. I am simply stunned!! wa kao! They look so noob, yet from RJC and NYJC?! The worse part is yet to come. "So where you from?" the 2 gals asked me. "er.. PJ," I answered after pausing for a few seconds. lol.. it's not that i condemn pj, but compare the names, RJ and NYJ sounds more pro!! loL.. them my junior who's with me was laughing at me. hahaa... but I'll never feel ashamed of my own JC! =)

You would have realised till now, I wasn't quite feeling quite positive abt this duty.. u know why? They claimed that this was a amazin race, but there weren't any running, no sense of urgency, no rough games!! You know what games they play? Well.. one was getting people standing on pinic mats and blindfolded, while holding a ball which is softer than soft ball and throwing them through a hoo laa hook ! Crazy! Let me ask you this qn, do you think such games will cause ANY injuries? I can assure you, even if there is any, even a 3 year old kid can treat!! lol! Such games still need to activate 13 first aiders? Think twice! Use common sense people, don be over pampered(this is what i call pampered), minor minor games also need so many first aiders, then what about those big events like President Soccer Star Challenge? Sports day? I can tell you, even these events require only about 10 first aiders! That's my point of view! I really felt like an idiot watching them play.. haha!

Then I went for lunch, the organiser catered mac for us! lol.. had a fish fillet, but then when I went for a second serving, there weren't any left. haha.. what a pity. I was sooo hungry! Didn't had breakfast and slept so little, I was feeling so hungry and tired all over. lol.. then after lunch I went to other stations, a place much much further from my previous location.

I saw mats on the floor again, except they had numbers imprinted on them. The game rule is to tap the numbers in ascending order using only 1 part of your body (eg. feet or hand), everyone have a part to play! the mats are scattered all around and the numbers have to be tapped in order, in the fastest time possible! I ask again, do you think this game require first aiders?!? If people can get injured in this game, people who go for hiking or rock climbin would have died. Isn't it? =x lame lo... Sat there with another junior, this time is a guy. We chatted and then i felt really tired. My eyes couldn't stay open and then I slept from 1 to 2pm! lol.. then kian was with the rest of them at orchard.. sigh, this always happen to me. When I cannot join them, movies and enjoyment seemed to always occur. haha! =p damn sad.. sit there and doing nothing when I can go join kian at orchard!

Then as usual, I asked the 2 amazin race leaders where they studying. "I'm from RJC year 2, and she's from RJC year 1," she slang. One of them quite chio! Got those french lady look! wa! The way she talk also so slang! lol.. but this isn't the point I am concerned abt. wth! All from RJC? omg!! I felt inferior. haha!.. lucky chin boon was there to accompany me. lol.. at first the chio lady thought I was sec 3, but she guessed correctly at the second try. =O

Ended the whole thing at 4pm and I asked the ambulance driver to drive us all to the nearest mrt! Uncle Teo! We know each other since the trip to kusu island 2 years ago! I reminded him of the trip though.. we were there on public duty too. haha.. he's a nice uncle! =) Friendly and forever smiling! Drove us to admiralty mrt and then he left for SJ HQ to park the ambulance.. so sad. So old le still have to drive here and there. haha.. =I

Reached home at around 5 plus and then I went to sleep till 9.30! lol..then my mom woke me up and told me to go eat dinner. Was waitin for pat's call the whole dae though... until 12.30am 15 March, she reached chanji and called me! =) =D *heaves a sigh of relief! I think too much le, then become over worried.. lol. XD

That's all folks! haha! Have a nice holiday! =P


Anonymous said...

hey, now i know whos the long winded one. hahaha your good la. not that i mind. hahahaha. im zhen yin btq

Doughnut said...

haha..the security guard so lame rite..lol..dun worry..we will still organise trips to go out! haha..i'm sure that would be fun..haha...I WAN TO SEE THAT MDM!! haha..*desperate* =p