Wednesday, March 23, 2005

-'* Quill *'-

Just to test something, haha.. promoting the movie "Quill" perhaps? =p
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It's a fantastic movie, showing the life of a special dog named quill, from birth till the day he dropped.. =/ It shows how the puppy grew up from birth.. went for training so that he could aid the disabled. Very clever dog though.. pick up things fast and has it's own character. Lived for about 2 years after his disabled owner left the world when quill's about 11 years old.. by the age of 13, quill was brought back to where he was borned. When he was back, he recognised the toys he once played before 10 years ago.. but before he could play with em... he fell and.... left this world.. ='(

It's a very touching movie guys..


Anonymous said...

yeah u touching..haha..but didn't

Wealthy King =D

Anonymous said...

wow i wanna watch.. cute!! ^^v
ahgong *bACk.In.AcTiOn*