Sunday, April 01, 2007


11 more days! That's went HQ check out the money counting thingy after my driving lesson this morning. Was there at about 1.30pm. Planned to meet choon siong and go army market buy my army stuff.

In the end me, choon siong, aisuan, peiling and yan rong had lunch together at golden mile food centre. haha.

Went up to the army market after lunch..walked past the many shops selling army stuff. Wah, see liao damn sian. I don't even have the slightest interest in them... *shrugs

Next saturday will be my last training day with Kranji St John before I enlist. Though I'll miss the training sessions and the fun everyone had on saturdays, but at some point in my life, I will have to part with them.

I seriously hope that KSJ will soar higher and roar!! =)

What's in store for me in 11 days' time? Stay tuned for more details! =.=

Lastly.. when I'm not around, I wish that my ah ma will still stay as healthy!! =]!!

*Dream a little dream. How do you define little?

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