Sunday, April 29, 2007


12 April 2007. The day...

I lost my identity as a civilian,
I shaved my hair,
I became a soldier.

I still have not acquire the right mindset to become a soldier. It is really an uphill task to try to tell yourself that you ain't a civilian anymore. I don't know. But it's tough.

In camp itself, every night I'd shower, followed by washing my laundry. And then, I'd look out of my bunk, only for an overwhelming piece of forestry to engulf me. Pitch darkness in the forest, mostly covered by the dense canopy layer. I'd then ask myself, what am I protecting; as a soldier?

Is it the country or is it my family?

‘ 國家’。沒國就沒有家。




27 April 2007. I'm back on mainland. The feeling is really superb. After getting off the fastcraft at SAF Ferry Terminal, I took my first step on mainland!! woo hoo! Excellent. hahaha. I may sound stupid, but only fellow recruits will understand this feeling. Yeah.

Till another time I'd come online, TAKE CARE n SEE YA soooon. :))


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