Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Seven April 2007

Last Saturday marks the last SJ training for me, at least for the next 3 months; or even next one year. Yes, I'm talking about the compulsary National Service. I'm not saying that I dislike it or what so ever, but I'll just accept it and "chiong whenever I'm told to do so". Just do it !

Today's already tuesday.. one day left for me.

Went for training last sat.. had mock fac. Den it was 1230 hours. Choon Siong and Ong told me to change into PT kit, as there'll be a changing parade.

"Okay..." I thought to myself.

After which CS wanted me to accompany him to the staff room to photocopy the casualty report..

"Alright..." I thought to myself; yet again.

Frigging photocopier machine keeps jamming up! Took me like 20++ minutes to try to photocopy 20 sheets of reports!

After I'm done, I walked back to SJ room.. then kenneth called me in because he wanted to show the NA team the right way of taking blood pressure.

"duh.. crazy ass" But I went in anyway

Took off my shoes and went onto the bed.

After that Chin Boon, Vincent, Wei Xiang, William came in and force me to straighten my legs and lie down!! Then each of them grabbed each of my limbs and lifted me off!

OFF I GO! @$@$%@%^!

Out of the SJ room..down the stairs..and onto the parade ground.

I remembered someone took off my socks.. den I turned and saw...........

GERALDINE !! omg. SHE HAD LIKE 3 WATER BOMBS IN HER HANDS. The next thing I knew was that one water bomb flew straight towards my face; with full force.

Then, everyone knew what follows. It was like I trespassed a territory; which it was not meant to be. And the local natives launched a defensive attack on the trespasser! bombs rained for at least half an hour. I was shot in the neck the most, back, chest, face and head.

But hey! I'm still alive! "yea of course. the bombs contained water -.- "

Okay..they had 400++ water bombs with them!! omg! I had NONE.

After their ammo went dry, they took on the bigger guns. Pails. Filled from half to full tank, they just came showering onto one's head, without the slightest warning. Stealth. They crept up on trespasser silently; like how a leopard would prey on a chicken. As they raced against time, pails of water soon overwhelmed the trespasser. It all happened within minutes. There wasn't any time for a breather or to take shelther.

I surrendered. Was seriously wet throughout and inside-out. Everyone was wet in the end. Very soaked! oh my.

Then it was time to fall in. I can't remember it was cabbage and who..requested for siying to fall in too! In the end it wasn't falling in, kept pushing her to take photo with me! lol. I guessed the most excited ones were those who aren't taking the photo! omg. But it's alright.. since everyone was so high and crazy about me and siying taking a photo, so I stepped in to pose for Ms Vanitha's camera. haha.

and wait ! I heard siying blushed! omg. was the sun too hot? o.O! I couldn't see the blush anyway..was without my spects. no worries, at 200 degrees, I still can see clearly everyone's face!

Super fun alright..den we played captains ball. This time round I realised the girls have improved quite abit. Although they were super violent. At 3.30pm we ended the game and it's time to wrap up everything. It was rather sad.. just like that I'm leaving..

Thanks everyone for planning this water bomb for me! So I was the only one who didn't know what's going on until the end! huh! hahaha.

Thanks the cuttest bunch for the prezzie and card! =)

Thanks to another crazy bunch who showered me with their holy water from the second level! LOL.

Really appreciate everything.. thanks all my fellow officers for joining in the conspiracy and fun too..

It's time for me to sign off once again! I wish those who're studying all the very best in exams, those waiting for uni application good luck and every other body a smooth sailing future ahead! =)

Till the next time we'll meet, see you!

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