Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Time's running out

Time's really running out! I guessed it's the same for my fellow NS men. lol. Next thursday shall be the day where I will put down everything and commit myself full time 24 hours to national service.

When some of my friends are working..
When some of my friends are having breakfast..
When my brother's still sleeping..
When my sister's in school..
When my ah ma's at the market..
When my SJ juniors are in school studying..
When I am still disorientated..lost at what to do,

When it's 9.30am.. It's time to leave my house..at least it will be another 2 weeks before I return to mainland again.

I'll miss everything, lotsa things. too much to be mentioned.

But I guessed it's just another phase of life for me. Another challenge that is.

oh darn. I shouldn't feel how I am feeling now.

:) I smiled. But it was fake. The thought of leaving my ah ma drives me crazy. I really wish for her health and well being. Hope she strike toto or 4D! YEA :))

As I once told my juniors 3 years back... "A second of sadness equals to a second of happiness lost." So seems like it isn't worth to be sad! haha! Everyone prays for happiness and why lose it when you are the one who can do something bout how you feel?

Take lotsa care people, my sister (she rox!), my ah ma, my parents.

Signing off,

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